My Story

Moving to United States of America had been a roller coaster ride. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Sometimes lonely, sometimes fun! However, after spending 5 years away from home in an alien land, I felt lost and confused as an immigrant woman.

I took to street photography to find a real human connection with people who may or may not look like me. What I found instead were stories full of love and a world earlier invisible to me. I realized that no matter how we look on the outside, we are all the same on the inside.

For the longest time, I had regretted leaving my native country. I could not understand why I chose to stay away from my parents, friends, brothers, and sisters. However, like the changing of leaves each fall, something changed in me this November. As soon as I stepped out of JFK airport after a 2-week trip home, I felt a sigh of relief. And for the first time I realized that “home is where I stand.”