Stranger on the Street #4

New York City Street photography
What a stranger whispered to her friend near McCarren Park—Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Heal the World

There is someone right now— 
Offering you roses,  
Ha! The irony of the world and all its poses!

Offering you thorns in disguise
The miser and his greedy strife?
To quietly but surely watch you bleed. 
Don’t you wonder at the human creed?

There is someone right now—
Cursing you—stinking venom!
Lips on the outside sealed like a smile.
Just put on some blinders and walk your mile.

Never let losers pull you down.
Wipe those tears—mock their frown
Lift your head high—rock your crown!

I know it’s lonely, it really is
But this way darling, never phony it is!
I know you despair at it,
But, don’t you dare—
Measure the world in what is fair!

Look those curses, thorns, venom—in the eye!
Remind yourself, you have a choice
Deffering for love or falling for hate.
Ignore their violence and their bait—
Even if the world around you burns,
Keep your spirit high—your heart straight!

Drink that venom—turn it into honey sweet,
Crush the thorns—plant a lover’s seed,
Laugh at those curses—truly laugh,
Not with your face—but all your heart!

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