Stranger on the Street #5

street photography new york city
At a Starbucks in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I am a snowflake. 

I am light as the breeze, 
The tiniest thing you’ll ever see—
But when I stick together I am a beast. 

People call me a snowflake. 

They say I am too sensitive. 
That like a sponge,
I absorb everything, feeling feelings too deep. 
But, should we not all be snowflakes? 

Or should we go about our lives 
Like the robots we carry? 
Smart phones that make us dumb?
At least I don’t make you numb! 

I am a snowflake and I own it

I melt into water and cry,
I turn to ice, giving frost bites,
I am the fairy dust on your nose,
I might be temporary: touch and go,
But I am beautiful magic, like a rose.

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