Show More Skin—It’s Not a Sin!

“I don’t know why some women think covering is a good idea?” A stranger told me.

“Covering the body?” I asked.

“Yes. I get covering is important. But, cover all the important stuff. Then show a little, have fun, that’s life!” He explained.

“Have you ever told a woman covering is a bad idea?” I asked, amused.

“Yes, I did. I think she got angry!”

“Of course, she would. May be it’s the way you told her?” I replied, trying to control my laughter.

“No, I didn’t say nothing like that. I just said she is beautiful and sexy lady. That’s all I said.” He explained, like a schoolboy held in detention.

“And that got her angry?”I egged him on.

“Yes, angry and worse—she ruin my mood. She gave me lecture for half an hour about why women should never be call sexy.”

“Gosh! I hear what you’re saying. Why shouldn’t women be called sexy?”I asked mischievously.

“I don’t know, something about being a good woman and proper—lady like. That’s what she said!”

“I think all women should act a little sexy, show a little skin. Trust me, I am not like the woman you spoke to. Certainly not a prude…” I defended my turf.

“Good. I like you already. Do you mind if I take your photograph now?” The stranger asked.

“What mine?” I asked shocked. May be, I had confused him about my intentions. I was just interested in talking, that’s all.

“I usually like being behind the camera,” I explained. “But, I’ll make an exception for you on one condition?”

“No problem,” the stranger replied.

“Can I take yours, if you take mine?”

Photo of taxi driver from Puerto Rico
On my way to Bedford-Stuyvesant—an upcoming neighborhood in Brooklyn

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