My Mom And I Walk The Streets And Talk to Strangers

Dear humans,

My mommy and I walk the streets of America, talking to strangers and taking photographs on the go. If you have visited my blog earlier, you might have found stories of our adventure. From today, I will be joining along, telling you how I see the world.

I will stand two steps behind my human though, just to be safe.

Thing is I suffered a minor tragedy. Yesterday during my morning walk I saw a tree. The tree smelled just right, so I picked my left leg and watered it whole.

There was a man watching me from a distance. He did not like what I did to the tree. What started with a long smoldering look, turned into animated shouting, in a matter of seconds.

I blinked back a little surprised at what was going on. I mean, I would have tried to explain that what I did was not personal—not to the tree, not to him. But, there was no time for all that. The man did not look like he wanted to talk.

He got up from the sidewalk, where he was sitting, and started walking in my direction. I got so scared, so fast—I sprinted 10 blocks in the opposite direction. Mommy and I hid inside a coffee shop until the man went away.

Later we found out that the man lives on the streets and doesn’t really like doggies. He always runs after them, the way he ran after us. He even hurt one dog in our building.

Now I am terrified of going anywhere without mommy walking in front of me. Therefore, I will stand two steps behind.

Mommy my bodyguard can take the lead. You can meet her gaze before you meet mine. Don’t think she is a little girl. When she is not walking me—she’s usually at the gym or kickboxing.

And her ‘mom’ voice is so loud, even the neighbors brush their teeth and get dressed.

The Dog

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