What Curly Hair Taught Me About Self Love?

Dear Mom,

I see you first thing in the morning, last thing at night—every single day.

I see you when your curly hair looks so scary—anyone would run away.

Now don’t get all defensive Mom…Remember the day you saw your own reflection and got scared? 😱 😧 😳

I want to tell you that finding your beautiful curls scary is not your fault. It’s the way everyone around you taught you to look at you.

And that’s just sad.

I am not making fun of your hair mom. All I am saying is that we all have crazy hair days. You just have more than most people do.

Take me for instance.

My hair has taken over your life:
1. It’s in all your clothes, in all your books, on your black sofa that has turned grey.
2. On your keyboard right this moment as you attempt to write a funny story about me
3. Sometimes, it gets all over that beautiful black dress you wear when you go out with your friends.
4. There are days when it’s in your food and in daddy’s hair 😂

I don’t get defensive about it—now do I?

Instead, I like to think of my hair as tiny pieces of protection that go wherever you go—watching over you like beautiful white angels.

The Beautiful Hairy Dog

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