If I Could Fly Above the New York Sky

I was out on a walk with my dog, when I saw a woman throwing something into the river. I was angry at her for dumping whatever she was carrying in a plastic bag into the waters of East River.

But, you know what they say—you should never judge a book by its cover.

As I got closer, I realized her plastic bag was full of bread that she threw into the water for Laughing Gulls flying above to eat. They swooped around her in circles, hungry to get a taste of Brooklyn.

Before I knew it, I too was surrounded by the cawing of birds, the flapping sound of their wings inching closer to my ears. My dog ran around in circles mimicking the birds.

I took my camera out to take a photograph. Looking at me, the woman who had blessed us with this magical moment, took her camera out as well. I clicked her, clicking the New York sky, with the towers of Manhattan only a hazy template in the background.

The joy of feeding animals/birds. The joy of being touched by nature
Manhattan skyline from the shores of Williamsburg, Brooklyn
By the time she took out her camera, the birds had flown away

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