Maybe, Some People Want You To Be a Hot Mess?

“Did you hear about that homeless guy with a big YouTube following?”

“No, I did not.”

“So, this guy—he had a big following. People would give him challenges everyday on it and he’d go do em.”

“Really? What kind of challenges?”

“They would ask him, hey man go do this, go do that. Usually something ridiculous. Like a prank but entertaining. You know like a dare…”

And he did them?

“Yea, don’t worry it was all his idea. He liked the attention. Like this one time, they asked him to go ask out a girl. And everyone was watching, waiting for something horrible to happen to him…”

“She prolly, dumped him, I guess…”

“No, she said yes! And then, things started getting better for him in his life. He started putting his shit together. Like a happily ever after, of sorts.”

“Wow, that gives me hope. Like social media can be for the good you know. His fans must have loved it?”

“Nope, people stopped watching his YouTube channel the moment he fixed his life.”

© FOB-ISH.COM; Photo Credit: Featured Image by Pixabay; Second Image by Taufiq Klinkenborg

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